The plan of access

 * per plane :

  Airport of Avignon, which puts Avignon
  at one Paris time.

 * per train :

  the TGV puts Avignon at two hours of

 * per motorway A9 and A7.

  Contact GPS :

DD ==>  X= 4,7836111    ;    Y= 43,9719444

DMS ==>  43° 58' 19'' North    ;    4° 47' 2'' Is


By A9 motorway: Arrival of PARIS - LYON or of MONTPELLIER - TOULOUSE :


Take out ROQUEMAURE " - Exit # 22 - then turn right" " D 6580 "towards Avignon.

At the 4 th round point, take left towards "PUJAUT" path of cliffs - D 377-
Coming to the roundabout, turn right towards "Villeneuve les Avignon" - D 177-
At the second roundabout, you have a "CARREFOUR" shopping center on your left. take the first to the right.
It's "Avenue des Cévennes", You're going to get to a tricolor fire.
Turn left on Boulevard " De Lattre de Tassigny "

After about 300 meters, On this boulevard, take the first street on your left, This is the "CHEMIN DU MOURION".
Take this path to reach the level from a crossroads, with on your right a stone wall and opposite you a back of donkey.
Turn the back of donkey, then take the road immediately. on your left.
Go to the bottom of this private road You have arrived.
It's the iron portal.


By A7 motorway: Arrival of MARSEILLES - NICE :


Take out AVIGNON - NORD "-exit Number 23 -, Upon exit from the highway," on a roundabout.

Take this roundabout, and go half of it, then take direction "AVIGNON".
You're on the fast track, and you have the hyper market "AUCHAN" on your right. 3 Km, leave the quick lane to fall back on the ramp. right, towards "AVIGNON - CENTER".
You walk along the banks of the Rhone and get to the Avignon bridge. You pass under the old bridge of Avignon, And you start to go back to the extreme left, climb the bridge "DALLADIER" towards "VILLENEUVE les AVIGNON ". So you turn left, then back to new to the right. (You make an S) to take the bridge.
Once on the bridge, you go Straight to "NIMES" - D 900 - From there, you are going. spend four tricolores.
You pass under a railway bridge, then proceed straight to about 1, 5 km, to reach a roundabout.
Take the second street right which is the "BD PASTEUR" - D 268 - towards "LES HAUTS de VILLENEUVE " .
You take the boulevard to the traffic lights. (You are in front of the post).
At the traffic lights, you turn left the "Boulevard Edmond DUCROS". After 500 meters, we get to a fork. Turn right.
We're coming to a roundabout. Take everything to arrive after 500 meters to a STOP.
At STOP, you keep going. right, but be careful, you will have to take from there the 3 rd street on your right.
(the first being the one at the stop).
You are at the "CHEMIN DU DU" MOURION ". (If you get to a red light, it's because you missed the street, which is just before)
So take this path about 300 meters. You arrive at a crossroads, with on your right a stone wall and opposite from You're a donkey back. Get the donkey back, then take the path immediately on your left.
Go to the bottom of this private road. You've arrived.
It's the iron portal.


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